1 Month Surgeversary

My statistics

Weight at first meeting with surgeon 251 lbs

Weight at start of 7 day pre op liquid diet 245.6 lbs

Weight on day of surgery 237 lbs

Weight today 223.2 lbs


Well I’ve managed to survive the first month.  Weight loss has been slower than I would have liked.  I think I actually had an almost 2 week stall this month and was convinced that my surgeon had maybe forgotten to remove my stomach!  But I guess I’ll take that 14lb loss, lets face it, its more than I would have lost had I not had the gastric sleeve. And I don’t think I’ve been this weight since my honeymoon in 1994 and I am only 8 lbs heavier than my husband.  Can’t wait to weigh less than him, I’m not sure if I ever have!

Food has been going down pretty well. I have not been sick at all which is awesome, altho had one evening last weekend where I think I had eaten too fast and I was just so uncomfortable.  I thought I might throw up but instead my mouth just kept filling with saliva, it was pretty awful so am trying my best to eat slower.

I am managing 60g of protein most days and my liquid intake is around 60-65 oz a day.

I have a half cup of Ready Brek (a British ground oat breakfast cereal that you add warm milk to) with a cup of milk and a scoop of protein powder every morning.  That starts off my day with around 37g of protein so over half way.  I haven’t been having the protein shakes too often but have been eating mostly fish, eggs, cheese and yogurt to reach my protein goals.  The last two weeks were mushy foods but I just couldn’t stomach the thought of blending my food so have been chewing, chewing and chewing my food thoroughly.  I can now move to the next stage altho apart from adding a few new things I’m going to mainly stick with what I’ve been eating as I haven’t really upset my pouch too much yet.

I have not been back to the gym but have started to incorporate more walking into my day which I think has helped get the scales moving.  Last week I averaged 5 miles a day but that was helped by the fact that we had a weekend away and did lots of walking.  I fully intend to head to the gym tomorrow to get walking on that treadmill.

So there we are, the first month of the rest of my life done.  Can’t wait to see what month 2 brings!





I did it!!

I only went and did it!  On February 29th 2015 I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  My surgeon, Dr David removed the majority of my stomach and left me with a banana shaped pouch!  I am 5 days out from surgery and feeling better every day that passes.

My statistics

Weight at first meeting with surgeon 251 lbs

Weight at start of 7 day pre op liquid diet 245.6 lbs

Weight on day of surgery 237 lbs

I am 47 years old.

I am 5’3.5″ but we’ll round it up to 5’4″ 😉

My surgery went well.

I had a pre existing umbilical hernia as a result of the birth of my daughter 14 years ago.  I knew it needed to get fixed, but I also knew I had to lose weight before it got fixed, hence – it never got fixed.  It was probably the size of a large orange so pretty big. Anyway whilst my surgeon was in there doing his thing he managed to put a couple of stitches in to pull my stomach muscles together.

He explained, after surgery, that this is more than likely a temporary fix, that it will more than likely come undone at some point in the future (OUCH) and that the best thing would be for me to have it fixed permanently at the same time as I’m having my plastic surgery. Oh yeah… I fully intend to have a few nips and tucks when I reach the end of my weight loss journey and, if by some miracle I don’t need anything done (highly unlikely), I will still have to get my hernia repaired anyway.

I left the hospital late afternoon on day 2 having done the swallow test.  It was as awful as I had imagined, but a necessary evil nonetheless.  Surely someone, somewhere can make something that tastes better than that did!  I had a sip of water and some jello before I was discharged and not much else when I got home.

Day 3 my stomach was pretty painful, possibly due more to the hernia repair than the VSG,  and I was sleepy for most of the day.  I did manage 1/2 of a premier protein drink with a cup of water added, I drank some water over the course of the day, maybe 10oz, 1/2 of an Oikos triple zero yogurt and I had half a cup of chicken broth for dinner.

Day 4 my stomach, altho still tender, was better than day 3.  It took me almost 6 hours to work my way thru a 500ml bottle of water. I then had another half of a yogurt, some cream of chicken soup and a pot of sugar free jello.

Today I decided I was gonna try a bit harder to up the protein, knowing how important it is to heal my new stomach.  Its barely 2pm and already I have downed 1 bottle of water and my protein shake with a half cup of water added.  I plan on trying my best to get thru another bottle of water, another shake and some soup this evening.  I’m feeling a lot more with it today and not really sleepy but still don’t have too much energy.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.  I am optimistic about the future, I feel as tho I actually have a future and it feels wonderful.  Do I have any buyers remorse yet?  I’d be lying if I said no.  Of course I wish I could have done this on my own, but I’ve been trying to loose weight on my own for years, for decades and I just keep getting heavier and heavier.  My husband asked me what I would do if I’d seen a Dr who’d told me I had to have my stomach removed or die.  What would I do?  I’d have said “take that stomach now!”  And whilst, thankfully, I didn’t have a huge cancerous mass in my stomach I did need to do something drastic to live. I chose LIFE!

This is my time.  My time to shine.  My time to find out who the real me is and I can’t wait 🙂



We Are Cleared For Go!

Had an appointment with my primary care physician today. It’s the second time I’ve seen her in two weeks, before that, the last time I saw a Dr (apart from my surgeon) was 2010. Did I mention I hate Dr’s??  Well I do but unfortunately after attending the information session back in August I was told by the surgeon that I would need to find one. At my endoscopy in January he asked if I’d found one.  I was embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t so after the endoscopy was done I set about finding a new Dr.  The Dr surgery I found is part of the same hospital group as my surgeon so the sharing of information is easy.  They know exactly why I’m there and what I need.  Perfect!

I met with Dr R two weeks ago.  My BP was high so she recommended I get a cuff and check it at home.  She also wrote me a prescription for BP medication should I find my BP was still high after checking it twice daily for a week.  She did an EKG and took what seemed like vials and vials of blood!

Today she was amazed at how great my BP was! (After checking it for a week it was still on the high side so I started the drug she had prescribed last week.)  She told me the results from all my blood work was great, the only issue being that I was in the “pre diabetic” range. Today she took more blood did another EKG and cleared me for surgery!

I’m so excited… another thing checked off the list!

I have my pre op appointment with my surgeon scheduled for Friday and on Monday I start my liquid diet.  As long as there are no problems with my insurance, it looks as tho this is really happening.







How did I get here?

I guess I got here the same as everyone else considering having 85% of their stomach removed, too much eating and not enough exercising.

It really is that simple.

Or so it seems.

But those of us who have been battling obesity know its not that easy, if it was we’d all be at a healthy BMI. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke but I do like to eat and at 245 lbs, I’m not a great fan of exercising.

I have always been slightly overweight, I was the chubby kid but I wasn’t obese. When I met my husband aged 18 I was probably 150 lbs and 29 years and 4 kids later I’m pushing 245, far too much for my 5’4″ 47 year old body.

I realize that at the grand old age of 47 I have more years behind me than I do ahead of me and that if I don’t do something about my weight sooner rather than later, then the chances are that I will have considerably fewer years left on this planet than I would otherwise have had if I had been living a more heathy life. I have 4 great kids, the youngest of which is only 5 years old. I want to see my kids grow up, I want to watch them graduate from college, I want to be there when they get married and I want to be around to see them have children of their own. I also want to fit into size 10 pants but thats a whole other story LOL!

That is the stark truth of my situation. So far I have managed to dodge any major health issues as a result of my weight but one can’t live on luck alone. Its time to do something about it before my luck runs out.

So here I am…

Last summer I contacted my insurance company, found a Bariatric Center of Excellence, attended a seminar and made a follow up appointment right there and then with the surgeon. Since then I have attended 6 meetings with a nutritionist, completed my psych evaluation and had my endoscopy. My surgery has been scheduled for the 29th February, just 18 days from now,  and my paperwork has been submitted to my insurance company!

I will start my pre op diet on the 19th February and I just hope my insurance company approve my surgery!!

2016 is gonna be a great year!